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OV Lds Suede Ribbed Half Chap

Part Number:464334
OV Lds Suede Ribbed Half Chap
Ovation Half Chaps Black/Brown Ribbed Suede
OV Lds Suede Ribbed Half Chap
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Feature 5

Black SXSM
Ovation Ladies Suede Ribbed Half Chaps
Brown or Black
Short to Tall

These are the go-to half chaps for schooling. Easy to put on and off. Wash up nicely, and aren't quite as hot as boots. Premium Suede on these half chaps, with ribbed stretch panels and genuine YKK (R) flexible coil Zippers. Love the zippers because they start at the top for ease.
We sell a lot of these, so if we happen to be out of stock, we will ship within a week. 

Measurements for Half Chaps.
You will see several choices Black or Brown - that's the easy part.
Next is Short, Regular or Tall. This is the height. To measure sit with feet flat on floor. Measure from heel to back of knee - this will be your height. Designated with H-21
Next you will see a designation like (C-13.5-15) This is the circumference of your calf. Again with feet flat on the floor while sitting, measure around the thickest part of your calf. In the above case, a measurement between 13.5 inches and 15 inches would work for these half chaps. 
So read carefully the various sizes, there are a lot listed and it can get confusing. But by measuring you are guaranteed to receive the proper fitted half chaps.

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